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Trueline Services Inc. is a Survey/Layout and Civil Engineering Technical Services company, situated in London, Ontario and operates in the London area and southwestern and southern Ontario area.


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Trueline Services Inc. is a Survey and Layout company that is situated in London Ontario and was established in April of 2002. Company owner is Rob Hern who has been a long time resident of the London area and has been involved in the construction and engineering industry in the area for the past fifteen years.Our services:Construction Management includes quantity estimating and surveying, site plan grading verification, earthwork construction quantity monitoring, earth excavation cut/fill quantity take-offs and AutoCAD drafting.Construction Layout includes site servicing layout for subdivision, municipal, commercial and industrial projects. Servicing layout also includes but not limited to grading, road, curb and gutter, and sidewalk layout. Our job is to provide more than just layout we believe that an accurate layout is the base of any construction project and we want to provide the contractor with a layout that meets their needs and keeps the construction process moving efficiently. Trueline Services Inc. will work closely with the contractor's site representative to provide them the layout they require.Topographical Surveys consist of a base plan survey that will provide the client with site benchmarks and an accurate plan defining the sites detail and ground contouring. We believe in defining the sites existing ground break points and shaping precisely to provide the most accurate contours possible for site grading and cut/fill calculations. We will work with our client's project team to provide them with a survey and base drawing that is accurate and effective for their project or engineering requirements.Technology plays a significant role in our operations. Our crews are equipped with electronic total station systems to allow us to work from and create digital files and plans. Crews have access to notebook computers and hand held windows based data collectors to verify and upload layout data onsite to meet contractor demands. GPS receivers are accessible where the demand and use is appropriate. We use AutoCAD and Land Development Desktop computer software for data creation and drawings.Trueline Services Inc. will work with our clients to provide them with the survey and data collection they require for their project and engineering demands. We encourage questions and suggestions from our clients that can help improve efficiency of the overall product. We have the technical and organizational ability to handle any size of project that our clients may consider at a very competitive price.SOME OF OUR PAST PROJECTS:Topographic Surveys" Cameron Creek Subdivision - London, Ont." Stoney Creek Subdivision Phase 3,4, and 5 - London Ont." Cedar Hollow Subdivision - London Ont." West Park Baptist Church - London, Ont." Demar Aggregates, Byron Pit, London, Ont." Beaverbrook Phase 5 and 6, London, Ont." Hyde Park Meadows, London, Ont." Adelaide South Westminster Diversion Sewers - London, Ont." Western Road, Richmond to Huron Drive - London, Ont." Pottersburg Pollution Control Plant Outfall, London, Ont." Byron Hill Estates, London, Ont." St. Clair energy Centre, Sarnia Ont." BFI - Ridge Landfill Expansion, Blenheim Ont." Crediton/Centrailia Sanitary Sewer Project" Uplands North Lands - London, Ont." Plank Road Pumping Station - Sarnia , Ont." Bostwick east , London, Ont" Blackall Property, London, Ont." Tillsonburg North Water Supply PRESIDENT & OWNER OF TRUELINE SERVICES INC Rob Hern, A.Sc.T, PresidentCivil Engineering Technologist with 15 years of experience in the engineering, construction and survey industry. Experience in design, project management, surveying and inspection at the engineering level and experience as a project manager, surveyor, estimator and superintendent at the construction level. Started Trueline Services Inc. in the spring of 2002. Over the past years with the help of employees we have worked on developing and establishing Trueline Services Inc. Originally started with one survey crew and now currently operating with five survey crews plus office staff. Owner of company and conduct and organize all aspects of owning and managing a business currently made up of 14 employees.EDUCATIONCivil Engineering Technology Co-op DiplomaFanshawe College, London, OntarioLand Development Desktop CertificatesAutodesk CertifiedPROFFESIONAL AFFILIATIONSOntario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) PROFILE Gained experience in a wide variety of municipal, industrial, commercial and residential projects over the past years. Project involvement included pre-design, design, contract administration, surveying and inspection. Over the past four years at Trueline Services, involvement includes project co-ordination; scheduling, data creation and drawing checks and reviews, layout, topographic surveys, pricing, quantity take-offs and earth cut-fill management. Some projects include Design Projects: - Valleyview Subdivision, Dorchester, Ont. - Sterling Trucks, St. Thomas, Ont. - Sunningdale Golf Club Limited, London, Ont. Golf Course Renovation and Irrigation and Club House Site Servicing - Sunningdale Subdivision, London, Ont. Topographic Surveys: - Sunningdale Golf Club, London, Ont. - Cedar Hollow Subdivision, London, Ont. - Western Road, London, Ont. - Crediton/Centrailia Sanitary Sewers - Tillsonburg North Water Supply - St.Clair Energy Centre, Sarnia, Ont. Construction Layout: - Loblaws Superstore - Oxford and Gammage, London, Ont. - Sky Way Industrial Park, London, Ont. - Airport Industrial Park, London, Ont. - Argyle Mall- London, Ont. - Home Depots- London, Woodstock, Milton - Airport Road Widening, London, Ont. - Fanshawe Park Road Widening- London, Ont. - Charring Cross Watermains, Chatham, Ont- Greenfield Energy Centre, Sarnia, Ont. - BFI- Ridge Landfill, Blenheim, Ont. - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant II- Woodstock, Ont. Construction Management: - Demar Aggregates, Byron Pit, London, Ont. - Cut-Fill quantity management - Lafarge Byron Pit, ondon, Ont. - Overburden Quantity monitoring - Ridge Landfill, Blenheim, Ont. - Cut-Fill and material monitoring - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant II, Woodstock, Ont. - Cut-Fills, Building Layout checks and sub-grade and sub base quantity and grading monitoring.101-630 Colborne St., London, Ontario N6B 2V2 Ph: 519-963-0741 Fax: 519-963-0302 Email: Construction Layout " Loblaws Building and Site Servicing Oxford St and Gammage, London, Ont. " Wendy's, McDonalds, A&W, Taco Bell Site Work Projects, Southwestern, Ont.
" LCBO and Beer Store Site Servicing, Southwestern, Ont. " First Pro, London North Commercial Development, London, Ont. " Sky Way Industrial Park, London, Ont. " White Oaks SWM Facility, London , Ont. " TSC Stores, London, Woodstock, Kitchener " Airport Industrial Park, London, Ont. " Commerce Way Industrial Park, London, Ont. " Home Depot Site Work, London, Woodstock and Milton " Airport Road Widening, London, Ont.
" Fanshawe Park Road Widening, London, Ont.
" Springbank Drive Widening, London, Ont.
" Numerous City of London reconstruction Projects
" Uplands Subdivisions, Phase 2,3,4,5, and 6, London, Ontario
" Riverbend Subdivision, Phase 2, 4, 5, Mews and Riverbend West, London, Ont.
" BFI Ridge Landfill, Blenheim, Ont.
" Hyde Park Woods, Phase 2 and 3, London Ont.
" Stoney Creek Subdivisons, Phase 2, 3, 4 and 5, London, Ont.
" Beaverbrook Subdivision, Phase 3, 4, 5 and 6, London, Ont.
" Mak Subdivision , Woodstock, Ont.
" Greenfield Energy Centre, Sarnia, Ont.
" Toyota Motors Manufacturing Plant II, Woodstock, Ont